Automated data gathering for personalization

Customer Data Platform to understand, segment and engage

Valuable audience segments are built automatically with machine learning. Every external campaign you run becomes actionable on your website, now and into the future. Set it and forget it – any time in the future retroactively target personalizations that drive conversions.


Rich customer experiences start with a large dataset

Gather predictive segments from the moment you install

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Smart Segments™

It’s very difficult to define all of the first-party data segments that become important as you build your business.  Smart Segments™ allow you to AIM in the future at your audience with incredible conversion campaigns based on behavioral and contextual attributes.   Geo-targeting, behaviors, actions, time, weather, referral source, language, search terms and URL history are immensely valuable resources gathered by AIM.

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Plain Simple

You simply add a tiny piece of code to your site 🙌🏻.  From that point forward, AIM is doing all the heavy lifting to build intelligence into your dashboard.  It’s a perfect way to get started with personalization without any cost.  Plans to replatform your CMS or CRM?  No problem, make sure AIM is installed on each instance and you’ll have perfect continuity.

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Personalization Marketing

In order to effectively market, sell, and make product, you need to know your customer. Data buried in a CRM or Analytics isn’t actionable. AIM brings the power of personalized marketing to your brand, effortlessly.


The needs of your customers shift with each visit to your website, along with your site's content and technology. With AIM, you have the foundation for your website to intuitively shift to meet those needs, matching 1:1 for the first time.


You deeply understand your audience as a smart marketer. AIM does the heavy lifting for you to manage your audience, so you can do your craft against those segments to better convert and engage your audience.


You don't have time to pre-contemplate and integrate all of your potential customer data segments, customer journeys, and targets. AIM does that for you, automatically data-gathering with full autonomy.

Built for people who love data

The needs of your customers shift with each visit to your website. With CloudEngage, your website intuitively shifts with them to meet those needs.


CloudEngage is constantly improving personalization features, applications and APIs in our rich ecosystem. AIM is an easy-button first step to harness the true power of personalization. Join the personalization revolution.

5-Min Install

AIM is super simple to add to your site, you simply copy-and-paste a script that will take you or your geek a few minutes. Just like building a valuable email list, now all of the segments and data gathered are available to you in the future.


Our world-class product and engineering team is your dedicated partner with first-to-market, purpose-built applications that are simple and intuitive. We listen and partner with our customers to deliver best practices for personalization.

Last chance, start discovering your audience’s true potential

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