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Data and segments grow organically from the moment you install CloudEngage. The underlying Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a treasure trove of value, as you gather segments from behaviors that drive people to your site and the actions they take on your site(s). Rich personalizations are built with incredible simplicity. With the CloudEngage API, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate these capabilities using your development resources.

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Example Use Cases


ChordConnect will soon change everything.  Being able to make peer-to-peer (P2P) connections between people, people controlling which persona they share with a brand, and marketers everywhere being able to make Connections with Context™️ are at the heart of the Connect API.


Being able to programmatically interface with users via the Chord Chat API means you can weave together more sophisticated experiences.  Personalization meets Chat for the first time, and you’ll soon be building conversion engines and sequences.


Push notifications with CloudEngage are powerful beasts – for the first time you can serve content to individual channels instead of a browser asking for access to “all”.  With the Push API, site and app makers can make customer experiences that pull people back into your web experience.


Anonymous users turned into named users through forms, chat conversations, and other forms of personalizations.  The Users API is your path to being able to export and synchronize data across diverse systems and are available in JSON and CSV format, so that you can perform triggered and batch updates.


Alerts, overlays/infobars, popups, inline, alerts, dynamic images (email) and forms are a standard part of your personalization toolkit.  Instead of having your humans make these, the API means your code can make them too.


We love segments in our email list – clickers, openers, and other data points.  How do you do the same thing on your website? Install the CloudEngage script, and you can start crafting segments by hand or via the Segments API.

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