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At present, our full retail price is normally $495.ºº per month, which includes the following features:

  • Quick Marketing Creations

Your subscription lets you create popups, alerts, and immediate changes to your website content without even a bit of coding knowledge.
  • Behavioral Targeting

Visitors to your site can have an incredible customer experience based on their browsing behaviors, dramatically increasing conversion rates.
  • Contextual Personalization

The needs of your site visitors shift, while your site keeps evolving with new content. Make context and richer meaning by connecting the dots with contextual personalization.
  • Plain Simplicity

Our team put exhausting effort into making your time-to-personalization fast and easy 🙌🏻.  Your personalization programs will be agile and fun.

Once you leave, you’ll lose access to everything listed above and more. You’ll be reduced to AIM, our free analytics monitoring software. You can always upgrade again in the future at our full retail price to reclaim all of our amazing customization features.

Want to hold onto your grandfathered plan? Great! We suggest taking a look at our brand new documentation regarding all the updated features just waiting for you to take advantage of.

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