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Optimize carousel slides based on a web visitor’s location, behaviors, intent, audience segments, weather, and specific campaigns

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It’s not uncommon to see an excess of poorly targeted carousel slides on a typical marketing website. The data shows that most site visitors only see the first few slides, with a significant drop-off beyond that. To solve for this, CloudEngage created an easy-to-use drop in carousel solution that benefits from years of experience in the web and mobile personalization space. By understanding who the web viewer is, CloudEngage can serve up one-to-one carousel experiences, radically increasing conversion rates.

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Example Use Cases

Home Page Hero

Inject CloudEngage Carousel into your home page, for the hero image above the fold.   Get rich analytics and personalize the cards of the carousel to mirror the interests of the site visitor.

Product Recommendations

Carousels with intelligence will delight your visitors, and help turn them into buyers.  CloudEngage let’s you learn and speak directly to the heightened interest of a buyer based on their behavioral patterns and historical visits.

Content Marketing

It’s never been easy to build and publish a highly-adaptive, enterprise grade carousel that is beautiful and speaks directly to each of your audience segments.  CloudEngage Segments drive unique experiences on each of the cards.

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