Brand Assets

Download official CloudEngage logos, badges, product screenshots, and executive team photos.

The CloudEngage logo

The CloudEngage logo is available in two colors. Blue is designed for lighter backgrounds, while white works best on dark backgrounds. Please don’t alter the logo in any way.

Product Logos

Logos for all 6 of our products are available in PNG and SVG format. Products include: Chord Connect, Chord Communities, Chord Chat, Personalize, AIM and AnswerDash.


H1 – 48px Proxima Nova

H2 – 39px Proxima Nova

H3 – 31px Proxima Nova

H4- 25px Proxima Nova

H5 – 20px Proxima Nova
H6 – 13px Proxima Nova

P – 18px Paragraph font is Proxima Nova light


C=56 M=15 Y=0 K=35
C=28 M=8 Y=0 K=67
C=35 M=0 Y=33 K=25