CloudEngage GeoShift Technology Simplifies Website Personalization For Higher Conversion Rates and Improved Local Credibility

PORTLAND, ORE — Aug 25, 2015. CloudEngage, the company powering the geo-responsive web, today launched GeoShift, a simplified approach to website personalization that uses precise location data to make brands’ websites more relevant to each market they serve.

With CloudEngage GeoShift, offers and messaging can be adapted to match the priorities of the local market, and brands can build local credibility by identifying themselves with regional values for every market they serve.

Example applications include swapping out background brand imagery to match regional tastes, highlighting different inventory based on demographic profiles, and promoting local events based on the location of the viewer. Companies can also geofence language enclaves with custom language messages or highlight their local community involvement.

“Marketers understand that different regions are going to focus on different aspects of a brand, that’s why we invest in local billboards, host local charities and sponsor local teams,” says Tom Williams, VP of Sales & Marketing for CloudEngage. “Your website has to walk the local walk too. CloudEngage gets you there, in literally less than an hour.”

Prior to CloudEngage, website personalization required a custom content management system (CMS) that would take a dedicated team months to implement and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. By contrast, CloudEngage GeoShift works on any website with any CMS, and the first localized content can be live in less than an hour, so organizations of any size can move quickly, testing localized messaging and improving website conversion rates.

Pricing and availability

CloudEngage GeoShift is supported on all modern desktop and mobile browsers and is included as part of the CloudEngage platform. Pricing starts under $500 per month and is available now at ROI is guaranteed.

About CloudEngage

CloudEngage offers geofencing and content localization technology to improve web & mobile conversion rates with location-based dynamic content swapping, modals & alerts, store locator and geo-aware push notifications. For more information, please visit