Conquesting at the competitor

A typical website for a single-point automotive dealer has 5000 to 10,000 visitors per month. With generic incentives and a 2% conversion rate, that’s 200 web leads per month or 7 per day.

Geofenced incentives perform much better, with an average 6-8% conversion rate. That translates to 600 additional leads every month. Or put another way, for every day that your management team accepts a 2% passive conversion rate, you’re seeing 20 leads walk out the door that could have been saved.

Geofencing the competition is one of the easiest ways to improve conversion because you know something: they’re at a competitor, and they’re looking for a reason to walk out and come to your showroom.

Over 60% of all consumers using their smartphone inside a dealer’s showroom are actively shopping against the dealership they’re sitting in. That means that if they’re on their phone at your competitor’s, there’s a very good chance that they’re visiting your website to compare price and selection.

Use that fact to conquest this perfectly qualified prospect.

The perfect offer is not always just beating their quote, though that is an important message. Look at your dealership’s unique brand values as well as the brand of the dealership where the customer is sitting.


Ask yourself this: What would you say if you were sitting next to the customer over at the competitor’s showroom?

Is there a good call to action? Is it a strong enough offer to make them change their present course of action?

  • We’ll beat his price no matter what
  • You should see our selection before you make a decision
  • We’ll detail your car while you check out what we’ve got
  • You’ve got to meet Hector, he speaks fluent Spanish same as you, so you can really understand the options