Integrated Personalization Campaigns for Retail & E-Commerce

CloudEngage offers many kinds of nuanced personalization elements and triggers that are wonderful standalone, but when used together they make a more significant impact on your brand’s ability to connect with your customer and in turn, maximize your conversion rate. This is one of the core aspects that sets our platform apart: the ability to easily layer several campaign triggers and have it all work together intuitively and cohesively, like an ecosystem. Effective website personalization is not just about showing your customer the most relevant content, that’s only the beginning. The key to optimizing the performance of your website personalization efforts is to take advantage of the right triggers at the right timeFor the best outcomes, you should be utilizing as many features as possible to create a truly individualized experience and looking for ways to integrate personalization into your promotional campaigns and ad spend.



Here’s an example we’ll call a “sticky stack”, that illustrates how you can layer personalization features available in CloudEngage to maximize your conversions and deliver timely, contextual content to your visitor. We’re using a retail business as our vertical in this post and are assuming you have e-commerce and a blog on your existing default website. 

Sticky Stack: Personalized Campaign Concept for E-Commerce & Retail

This Sticky Stack uses the following personalization capabilities:

  • Location of user
  • Weather at the location of user
  • Dynamic content swapping
  • Custom popup modals
  • Referral link trigger
  • Push notifications

It achieves the following objectives:

  • Immersive personalization
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased time spent on site
  • Contextual content
  • Real-time customer engagement
  • Bring offline customers online

The Set Up

Create a personalization campaign triggered by the location of your visitor and the weather where they are located to display the most relevant products using our dynamic content swapping capabilities:

  • In Portland, when it rains, display prominently the most relevant products: umbrellas, raincoats, rainboots, ponchos, hats etc.
    • As featured products on your homepage
    • As suggested products on relevant content pages


  • Feature relevant blog content on this page as well to increase time spent on site and inspire sales, such as “How to Create Layered Looks for Rainy Weather”, and display the suggested/featured products above on the blog post pages to tie it all together.


  • Add a custom popup modal on the relevant blog content page above that offers an incentive, such as a discount or free shipping on the featured “rainy weather” products displayed.

Take advantage of timing by tying in social media and paid campaigns when these triggers are activated using our referral link personalization, push notifications, and custom modals:

  • Create a social media post and/or a paid campaign offering customers an incentive such as a discount or free shipping to purchase the featured items displayed when the above triggers are active.
  • When a user enters your website from the link in the post/ad, a custom pop-up modal appears with a discount code or free shipping notice that applies to the featured items.
  • Send out a push notification to those in Portland who have opted in, making them aware of the current incentive offered, and display a modal on mobile and web that delivers the incentive in real time, so your customer doesn’t miss out.


This campaign concept checks all the boxes. It’s relevant, contextual, local, and personal. We’ve tied in your website, social media, blog content, and paid spend with our advanced personalization features and real-time engagement capabilities. Each campaign element works with the other to increase the likelihood of a conversion. 

This is the future of personalization.