CloudEngage 07 – Web push & zip code support

This release has several key product enhancements including web push notifications and support for zip codes to define geofences.

All the features below will be visible when you next login to your Admin panel. Extensive contextual help is available within the UI, or you are always welcome to contact


Web Push Notifications

Send push notifications direct to your customers’ desktop or mobile without an app, even when the browser is closed.
Create channels for content AND create modal landing pages to close the Push loop.



Read more on Web Push here

Geofence by Zip code

Instead of drawing your fences, you can now select states, then select specific zip codes, or just paste a list of paste zip codes


Precision vs. GeoIP mode

For some campaigns, you may not need the precise location of your customers. You can now enable / disable Precision mode. If Precision mode is disabled then users will not be prompted for their Location and your promotion will be seen by more people.

Leverage modern browser capabilities
Leverage modern browser capabilities


Asset library

Any asset you upload to CloudEngage can now be referenced in any campaign.


Notifications split into Alerts & Modals

“Basic” and Advanced” notifications have different use cases, so it makes sense to split them out into their own content types.
A Basic notification is now an “Alert”An Advanced notification is now a “Modal”


Locations importer

We have improved the CSV importer to allow easier mapping of CSV fields when you’re importing or updating locations.