CloudEngage Introduces ActionPop, A New Solution To Increase Web and Mobile Conversion Rates for Retail & Automotive

Powered by the CloudEngage Compulsion Marketing Engine, ActionPop takes advantage of deeply ingrained consumer behaviors combined with hyper-precise location & weather data.

PORTLAND, OR — January 25, 2015 — CloudEngage, the company powering the geo-responsive web, today introduced its latest website engagement tool, ActionPop.

ActionPop is a form of virtual scratch-card for website visitors. Advanced layering technology allows customers to interact more deeply with promotions on a retail or dealer website by scratching or wiping the promo to reveal a hidden offer or other message. Because it requires interaction, customers engage with the content more than a normal promotion, and feel greater ownership of the content. CloudEngage has coined a term for this kind of consumer interaction: Compulsion Marketing.

“We’ve all played with those addictive lotto cards at some point. With ActionPop, your website visitors can now interact with unique textures via touch. Peel back wrapping paper to reveal a gift on a retail site. Pop virtual bubble wrap to uncover an event invite on a mobile device,” said Paul Wagner, CloudEngage CEO. “The beauty of ActionPop is that it’s layered on our existing localization platform, making it incredibly simple to create perfectly targeted offers underneath the scratch. ActionPop is highly addictive and a lot of fun.”

Once an ActionPop is created, CloudEngage partners can then add event triggers such as location, weather, gamification, and more. This means the messaging can be highly personalized, further enhancing conversion rates.

“ActionPop delivers a true 1-2 punch that a good conversion strategy requires”, said Tom Williams, CloudEngage VP of sales & marketing, “First you get the attention of a qualified person, then you present a offer tailor-made for their demographic.”

In addition to ActionPop, CloudEngage recently announced at the NRF Big Show a number of new enhancements to their localization platform, including a simplified content editor, asset management tools, and streamlined workflow.

“We’re very excited with what 2016 holds for CloudEngage and our partners,’ said Wagner.

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