What does the future of personalization look like?

Roadmap keeps you in the loop on what to expect on the road ahead and what we are building for you.

Rolling Out


Managing your team is about to get a whole lot easier.  Instead of just adding in agents, you will have great control over their capabilities.  You might want to have specific individuals handle Service, and your Sales team assignable to specific pages or Product Detail Pages for additional questions.  A beautiful design is coupled with simplicity so that at a glance you know who is assigned and active on your Chord team.

Message Search

You care deeply about the quality of the conversations your agents have with your customers.    With Message Search, we’ve created a delightful search interface just for you to make this process transparent and for you to learn across the activities of all of your agents.   This is an easy way for you to harvest well-composed Chord messages by your agents to add into the newly released Instant Responses!



Supporting new personalization products, and available for customers and partners.  You can learn more about our API and signup by going here.    This expands our Customer Data Platform to an infinite and large ecosystem based on the highly efficient GraphQL that is ❤️by developers.

Shopify App

As we embarked on this integration, we quickly realized our goal was not just to check the box ✅, but really integrate CloudEngage so that successful Shopify customers could experience the power of personalization right out of the box.  This includes our full spectrum personalization approach, from the underlying Customer Data Platform, to Personalizations and Live Chat.

Survey Cards

Powerful new personalization for Chord, Mobile and Web.  These can help you better understand the personas and preferences of your visitors to shape new approaches that drive conversion.  These cards are available in the underlying intelligence behind your programs, and are directly available in the profile views available in Chord to your agents.


Azure Marketplace

Microsoft customers, as the next step in our partnership that started with Microsoft for Startups, can simply and easily learn and license our SaaS solution for personalization.  Perfect for SMBs and Enterprise in Retail and other industry sectors.  Personalization is a key element to digital transformation, and this will be an easy button to enable current and future Azure customers.


This capability has been in our product since the beginning of time.  Segments represent two things – both the growth into a standalone feature, and a playground-like approach to cultivating predictive segments from your dashboard.    We’re also proud new partners with Segment, and are working on capabilities going into Q3 that should make the last-mile effort to turn your powerful data capabilities into action.

Freshly Minted Features

You asked, and we listened.  Each of these features we went the extra mile on 🚀to make your busy lives better in your quest for simple and easy personalization.

Instant Responses

This powerful feature provides automation to the site experience, so that you can use a live chat prompt to drive conversion.  A site visitor could be prompted through the live chat channel when they spend 5 seconds on a specific page, such as a new product launch, to prompt them for a purchase.

Instant responses are a powerful productivity tool for agents, who can use them to send frequently used messages and responses.  For the very first time, live chat agents can fire off personalizations during a conversation!  They could initiate a popup based on a customer being interested in a particular product that would provide a discount.

Hours of Operation

This new feature lets you take another approach in Chord Chat, where you can be ready to chat just when you are able to support it.  Chord can automatically turn off when you close your doors or the last agent signs off.

You could be clever and leave a form behind in chat with an instant response after hours.  With the addition of Hours of Operation, you are in complete control of a powerful site experience across all of your channels.

Updated Resource Manager

Formerly known as Asset Manager with support for SVGs and PDFs.  Resource Manager is used in personalizations and in Chord, so your Agents can share infinitely scalable SVGs and PDFs such as a product data sheet.

Your site can use highly efficient SVGs that scale to full screen without slowing the performance of your site.  The addition of PDFs makes it simple to use CloudEngage for SaaS companies, so that you could gate a PDF behind a form completion or other site personalization.