CloudEngage 09 – Weather Triggers

This release has several key product enhancements,

All the features below will be visible when you next login to your Admin panel. Extensive contextual help is available within the UI, at the CloudEngage Knowledgebase or you are always welcome to contact


Key Features

  1. Weather Triggers
  2. Campaign-level detail on Dashboard



1. Weather Triggers

You can now use weather conditions  to drive website content. This is not the weather where you are, but rather the weather where your customers are located.

Weather filters can be applied to modals, content swap and push notifications.

Applications include apparel, where a brand would set their web and mobile sites to actively promote rain gear in areas where rain is in the forecast but swimwear in areas where it’s still warm and sunny. Or auto & tire dealers highlighting snow tires vs. all weather, microbreweries promoting their cider when it’s hot, travel bureaus promoting getaways, or an ice-cream chain promoting their hot teas & coffee during a cold snap.

You can set content to appear anywhere in the world that meets the defined weather conditions, or you can combine geography, for example “Show the above modal only in Southern California areas where it’s forecast to rain more than 4 inches in the next 5 days”




2. Campaign Detail

You could always see individual campaign performance detail on the Modals list, but we have now added a summary view on the Dashboard.

Any campaign that was live at anytime during the time window specified at the top of the dashboard will be included, with views & clicks results bounded by the same date range.

Note that zero Actions or conversion rate 0% usually indicates that there is no action to be taken for that device type.