The Five Core Uses of Geo-Shifting Web Content

Geo-Shifted Content Swapping enables any website to automatically change page copy and multimedia based on the geographic location of each and every visitor.  This is a powerful marketing capability that personalizes the website experience of potential customers, improving the ROI of existing marketing spends and boosting sales results.

Virtually any company that operates across multiple geographies can improve web marketing effectiveness with Geo-shifted Content Swapping, and the applications of this technology are endless.  Nevertheless, most companies find that their greatest return on investment lies in using this type of dynamic web content management under one of the following five scenarios.

#1  Driving Prospects to Local Points of Sale

If your products and services are sold through local points of sale (storefronts, franchises, partners, etc.), Geo-Shifted content swapping can detect the location of web visitors and proactively make them aware of where they can immediately buy them.

For example: a visitor to a fashion apparel website can be greeted with content that shows exactly where she can buy the brand’s products – instead of having to search for storefronts

#2  Increasing Promotion & Event Awareness

As the number of geographic points of sale grow in a business, so does the need to run promotions and events that are unique to specific markets.  Geo-Shifted content swapping pushes this type of information to the front of your website so that potential customers are always aware of opportunities to engage and purchase. The key is that this experience is felt across every geographical region: each person sees their local events front and center on the homepage, so your website is doing double overtime.

For example: a visitor to a supermarket website can be greeted with information about this week’s promotions and store events in his local market.

#3 Spotlighting Community Involvement

Many organizations give back to their community. Part of the calculus is to gain local goodwill. However, communities only really care about the work being done in their neighborhoods, not donations given 500 miles away.  Geo-Shifted Content allows companies to spotlight their good works done in each local region, so they full credit in every community.

For example, a financial institution could give $500o to a United Way in one community, but give $30,000 to Boys & Girls Club in a different state. The homepage “Community giving” section could lead with the local donation every time.

#4 Selecting “Featured Products” Based on Local Needs & Priorities

Companies with customer bases that span multiple geographies may find that market demand for specific products and services varies widely.  By recognizing the location of each and every web visitor, Geo-Shifted Content Swapping ensures that the highest demand products are consistently presented.

For example:  a sporting goods website can greet web visitors from Alaska with outdoors and winter sports product listings, while showing individuals from Florida beach and water sports offerings.

#5  Reinforcing Print & Other Local Marketing Spends with a Consistent Message

Local marketing campaigns are perfectly tuned to the needs of the local customer. Be it print, radio, billboards, or events, the message hits home and the customer buys in. But if they then go to the company website and see no reference to that local promise, they feel let down, or even betrayed. Effective Geo-Shift Content Swapping identifies a web visitor’s location and presents a consistent marketing message, ensuring a smooth conversion process with a 17% higher rate than non-localized marketing.

For example:  a hardware store may brand themselves as the local hometown solution. By repeating the localized flavor brand on the homepage, locals will have a consistent experience, which improves engagement.

State of the Art Geo-Shifting in 10 Minutes

Advanced Geo-Fencing solutions like CloudEngage enable company websites with Geo-Shifted content and more without any coding or integration requirements. With a single line of JavaScript on your website, you can control any piece of content on your site, from background images for brand, to modals with a targeted call to action to store locator for directions to your nearest location.

Implementation takes less than 10 minutes, and a new campaign can be live in literally five minutes. Geo-Shifting content offers a straightforward path to significant marketing metrics improvements and is available as a low-cost monthly subscription, making it one of the highest ROI activities available to the savvy web marketer.