The Top 5 Simple Website Personalization Hacks That Boost Conversions Everytime

It seems website personalization is the latest hot buzzword in the digital marketing space, and it’s easy to understand why. Personalization is proven increase KPI’s: Gartner predicts that by 2020 smart personalization engines like CloudEngage will enable digital businesses to increase conversions by 15%. It’s easy to see what the buzz is about. Customers have come to expect personalization and feel a stronger sense of connection to brands who remember their preferences and show them contextual content and relevant promotions. Personalization just… works.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top personalization hacks that maximize conversion rates for businesses. It’s easier than you think to implement high-level personalization campaigns and techniques.

Here are the top performing ways to get your website converting with personalization:

Referral Source Personalization By providing your visitors with a segmented custom landing experience that is relevant to their unique customer journey, you maximize your conversions through context that closes the deal. Smart digital marketing strategies like email blasts, paid advertising such as AdWords, blog posts, and social media campaigns and boosts share the objective of driving people to your website, where they can convert to a sale. When you manage to get them there, keep them there with an experience that is tailored to the context of the referral source. Give customers the most relevant experience on landing to increase their likelihood to close. Tailor your images and messaging, provide intentional product selection, initiate modals and overlays that offer incentives or signups… and the campaign continues long after the clickthrough.

Push Notifications Web-based push notifications allow your customers to opt-in to content updates and alerts that are delivered in real-time without the need to download an app. Mobile apps can be costly to build and challenging to get your customers to adopt. Push notifications can be sent to users who have opted in on their mobile device as well, giving you real-time interaction. Personalizing your push notification strategy is vital. For example, if you send all of your push notifications out at once you could be delivering them to certain time zones at an inappropriate time of day. With CloudEngage you can segment your push notification strategy with content channels so it actually moves the needle and keeps your customers engaged.

Hyper-Precise, Hyper-Local Geofencing You can use our geofencing technology to target entire regions or cities, but you can also trace out the perimeter of any venue, competitor, district or event and create a personalized experience delivered to those who come to your site from within those boundaries. Combine this targeting with our other personalization features and your customers will feel like you’re speaking to them instead of at them. Not only is this a useful tool for marketing, but when integrated with your sales strategy you will make a powerful, standout impression on any lead you’re nurturing.

Modals and Overlays We make it easy to create modals and overlays that can be triggered on landing, when a customer is about to exit your website, or after a set amount of visits or time spent on site. Exit intent triggers give you the opportunity to offer an incentive before your visitor leaves. Free shipping, a discount code, referral source promotions, campaign awareness, or an email signup form are just a few of the ways you can take advantage of that last few seconds to keep them engaged. Use these pop-ups for newsletter subscription prompts or tie them into social campaigns with our referral link feature. And of course, modals and overlays can include personalized content as well.

Strike A Chord With Live Chat Our live chat is the first of it’s kind. Users still prefer interacting with real people over bots, so our agent-driven live chat meets that need while using artificial intelligence in the background to segment and deliver real-time updates to their website experience based on preferences expressed through authentic conversation. When a visitor engages through chat, they are directed to the agent geographically closest to them, merging the online and offline experience for maximized conversions. Agents can drag and drop product recommendations directly into the chat, making it easy for your customers to make product selections.

Any of these hacks will make a difference standalone, but when combined and stacked with our other advanced personalization features your website offers each visitor a unique, relevant, one-to-one experience that drives your sales and connects with them on a human level.

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