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Eat local. Speak Local.

More than any other industry, Food & Beverage lives or dies by local support. With CloudEngage, each customer sees a personalized version of your website: regional locations, automated recommendations, local reviews and turn-by-turn directions. It’s like your entire website is dedicated to that one market.

The end result: Increase in customer loyalty and engagement.




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Be the local choice, everywhere you operate

When it’s hot, you should be talking about your lemonade, but where it’s cold, people are thinking about soup and a warm fireside. With CloudEngage, your website can do both, simultaneously and automatically, all powered by real-time, hyper-local weather and location data.

Did you get a great review in the local paper? Show it off!
Do you support a local team? Be loud and proud with a different promo in every city.
Even within a single city, one location might more upscale than another.

Sell more beer

Maybe it’s just because CloudEngage is based in Portland, but it seems there are a lot of brewpubs out there.

In your local market, your site should be promoting your pub, with menus, bar beauty shots, live events etc. But for the wider market for your beer sales, you should be talking about the hops, the yeast, and most important, where to find your brews, filtered by bar, restaurant or retailer.

CloudEngage makes it easy to swap out entire sections of your homepage so you’re selling the right story every time.

Be easy to find

Whether you’re a chain or a single restaurant, you have to make it easy to find your nearest location. CloudEngage has the most advanced Store Locator in the industry, with voice  turn-by-turn directions, per-store landing pages, photo gallery, even a Facebook feed to give them that final push to come visit today. 100% mobile optimized and super simple to keep up-to-date.

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