There is no single message that works everywhere.

Each market expects your full attention.

So give it to them.

Leverage Precise Location, Real-Time Weather and Language Preferences.

So your site is always on message,

even with first time anonymous visitors.

The Result is Simple:

Engaging content, local credibility which leads to

an increase in conversions and customer loyalty.

The local choice. Everywhere.

From customer endorsements to local icons, geofencing lets your brand be pitch-perfect for each market you serve. Meanwhile, local promotions — from store openings to a sale on raincoats because it’s raining outside — can be loud and proud on the homepage acting as that single big reason why shoppers in a specific market should choose your brand over the competition.

91% of shoppers prefer to buy local. CloudEngage makes it easy to prove your commitment to their market.

“With CloudEngage’s geofencing technology we’re always confident we’ll hit our market.”

– Dennis Jensen, Director of Marketing & Advertising



Localized Offer Form Submissions


NON Localized Offer Form Submissions

Average minutes per week spent on managing campaigns

A few examples

CloudEngage customers manage literally thousands of geofences for local, regional and national marketing campaigns in both brick & mortar and ecommerce. Here are a few examples.

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