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88% of consumers say that a more personalized online, mobile, and in-store experience would increase their likelihood to make a purchase and inspires a deeper feeling of brand loyalty.

Though most retail brands understand the impact and value of personalization, many are still struggling to provide their customers with a truly personalized user experience because they aren’t sure how to execute on a competitive level. Most of the website personalization options available to brands are cumbersome, complicated, costly, and confusing and they require a lot of internal resources to launch well-rounded campaigns. At CloudEngage, we believe that incorporating personalization into your digital marketing toolbox should be easy. Digital marketing is a real-time arena, and your campaigns shouldn’t be slow to launch because your personalization platform requires heavy lifting.

CloudEngage solves this problem by providing our customers with a suite of cutting-edge personalization solutions that work together to provide you with opportunities to convert at every customer touchpoint.

An effective omnichannel personalization strategy is a game changer for retail and e-commerce. Numbers don’t lie. Here are some consumer data points that prove personalization delivers ROI you do not want to pass on:

  • Smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15%
  • 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history
  • 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized
  • Personalized home page promotions influenced 85% of consumers to buy while personalized shopping cart recommendations influenced 92% of shoppers online
  • 79% of organizations that exceeded revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy

We empower your brand to easily execute on sophisticated tactics within minutes, by putting a suite of powerful personalization tools directly in the hands of your marketing team, where they belong. Our advanced personalization solutions for retail and e-commerce give you the ability to create omnichannel, tailored landing pages and campaigns that integrate with your existing marketing efforts strategically and seamlessly. From a tactical standpoint, it’s about how you combine these personalization elements to create the perfect storm that will drive your conversions. We call these combinations a “Sticky Stack”.

Relevance in real time.

Tailored content at every touchpoint.

CloudEngage: A Personalization Ecosystem

CloudEngage offers many kinds of nuanced personalization elements and triggers that are wonderful standalone, but when used together they make a more significant impact on your brand’s ability to connect with your customer and in turn, maximize your conversion rate. This is one of the core aspects that sets our platform apart: the ability to easily layer several campaign triggers and have it all work together intuitively and cohesively, like an ecosystem. Effective website personalization is not just about showing your customer the most relevant content, that’s only the beginning. The key to optimizing the performance of your website personalization efforts is to take advantage of the right triggers at the right timeFor the best outcomes, you should be utilizing as many features as possible to create a truly individualized experience and looking for ways to integrate personalization into your promotional campaigns and ad spend.

Sticky Stack Campaign Concept For Retail & E-Commerce:

Read about a CloudEngage campaign concept for retail and e-commerce that combines user weather, user location, our dynamic content swapping capabilities, custom popup modals, referral link personalization, and push notifications to deliver a localized and real-time relevant user experience that increases conversions.

Personalization Elements

Dynamic Content Replacement

Change the images, messaging, copy, and content on any page on your website to create an impactful landing experience that shows your visitor what they want to see, when they want to see it. Implementing these changes has never been easier. Once you’ve added a few lines of code to your CMS, you can create and deploy personalized campaigns in minutes. Create infinite landing pages and custom experiences with our simple to use front-end editor. Combine dynamic content replacement with our other personalization triggers to create truly intuitive user experiences that will boost lead conversions and brand loyalty.Create a relevant landing experience based on the referring link that brought the customer to your website.

Referral Source

Create a relevant landing experience based on the referring link that brought the customer to your website.

Push Notifications

Customers can opt-in to receive real-time notifications without an app download from their choice of content channels.

Custom Modals & Overlays

Use exit intent parameters to give users a call to action before they leave your website.

Advanced Language Detection

Show your customers you speak their language by displaying content triggered by their language preferences.

Known Affinities

Machine learning leverages how your customer interacts with your website and intuitively delivers contextual content.

Precise Geolocation

Our hyper-precise geofencing capabilities will empower you to deliver a localized experience from your global site.

Weather Detection

Use real-time weather data to display custom content like contextual product recommendations that will convert.

User Device

Create customized experiences based on a users device so you stay connected and relevant no matter where they are.

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