Using Personalization To Drive Automotive Industry Conversions

The automotive industry has been one of the most successful verticals to take advantage of CloudEngage omnichannel personalization. We’ve seen our auto industry and dealership clients achieve a significant uplift in incoming qualified leads and overall sales using our platform to drive their business. Car dealerships are competing on a hyper-local level and our advanced personalization features help them reach their customers in real-time.

We understand that dealerships typically have small marketing teams that are at capacity, but it’s easier than you might think to add personalization to your website, with a typical campaign taking just minutes to create. After your initial install of just a few lines of code, you won’t need a developer to get started. We’ve made our platform incredibly easy to use, with a front-end editor that is pretty much foolproof.

Here’s how our platform features can be applied to automotive industry websites to help drive leads and sales in the most impactful way.

What your customers experience on landing:

Your default website is meant to appeal to a broad audience. Your messaging, images, promotions, inventory selection, and other aspects are one-size fits all. If you’re spending money on AdWords or through social media to raise awareness about a special offer on trucks but your website is featuring sports cars you will likely lose some of your interested leads as they search your website for more information and have trouble finding what they’re looking for. We solve this problem by giving you the ability to create website experiences that make sense for each individual who lands on your page.

Our platform uses a combination of machine learning, precise geolocation, local weather, visitor language, demographic factors, and known affinities of your visitor to determine which landing experience you’ve created is the most contextual. So if a customer comes to your website through an AdWords campaign for trucks, they will see immediately the trucks that this deal applies to when they land, as well as messaging about the promotion. It’s about providing relevance at every touchpoint and delivering it in an intuitive way.

What your customers experience while on-site:

Pop-up modules, overlays, and alerts are simple to create and can be used in a number of ways, such as when a user moves to leave your website (allowing you to make a final impact before they go), or on their first, second, or third visit so you can provide an incentive to keep them engaged. Browser push notifications allow your visitors to opt-in to receiving real-time messages without having to download an app. Unlike most browser push services, we offer content channels so your customer can decide if they want to hear about, for example, only deals on trucks (but not cars), or only discounts. This helps to ensure they are genuinely interested in the content they receive.

Chord is a new product we’ve recently launched, and an innovation that is the first of it’s kind in the personalization space. Live chat is an important digital marketing tool for dealerships because you are able to interact directly with a lead. When a customer initiates a Chord chat they are directed to the agent geographically closest to them. This is a game changer for your sales team because the same person a lead talks to online is the same one they can talk to face to face when they arrive at the dealership. Continuity is important in this regard. Now, if they chat about current inventory, deals, things they are looking for in their next purchase… they can pick up where they left off when they arrive.

Importantly, behind the scenes of a Chord chat, artificial intelligence is building out a unique profile for each visitor. As AI segments your leads, allowing targeted campaigns to be created on the most nuanced level, the website starts to update in real-time to adapt to their affinities. So if you created a landing page for family cars and a customer expresses that they are looking for that kind of vehicle in the chat, the website will now feature this page and any other adjustments you’ve made for the family car audience (modals, incentives, etc.).

This is only the beginning. To find out more about how CloudEngage helps automotive and dealership clients achieve incredible results, get in touch for a demo or sign up for our 7-day free trial