Your Personalized Chicago/IRCE Recommendations

We’re off to the Internet Retailer Conference & Expo next week in Chicago, IL. When not geeking out about how to best simplify personalization here at CloudEngage, we do enjoy a bit of food and drink as we hail from the lovely city of Portland, OR. As such, we thought we’d offer our personalized tips for those of you visiting Chicago for the first time (or in a long time). This is the kind of personalization CloudEngage is all about. :-)


Cocktail & Tiki-time:

What’s up with Chicago and Tiki bars? Well, there are a lot of them:
  • Lost Lake: Ready for a casual cocktail at a festive tropical tiki bar? Head down to Lost Lake for some great cocktails and Chinese food from next door if you’ve got the munchies.
  • Three Dots & a Dash: What’s with tiki bars in Chicago? This feels a little like a house party turned tiki bar complete with some of the most amazing drinks you’ve ever had. Its craft cocktails with a tiki twist.
  • The Drifter: Not a Tiki bar but still an amazing craft-cocktail speakeasy that is tucked underneath Green Door Tavern. This is a can’t-miss if you like your cocktails and a great atmosphere.


  • Fat Rice: Ready for a meal instead of a cocktail? Head down the street from Lost Lake for great comfort food and wonderfully casual you’ll love this place with great food from all over the world.
  • The Publican: Pork and seafood in a jovial atmosphere at communal tables. You’ll absolutely love the pork rinds. There, we said it. Did I mention they have an on-site butcher & market as well? This is such a fun place and worth the trip.
  • Au Cheval: Just down the street from Publican, Au Cheval is an upscale diner that is tough to beat. Great food and the open kitchen make this a great spot while in the Meat Packing District.


  • The Aviary: Just down the street from The Publican (see below), The Aviary is the quintessential cocktail lounge with some of the most fascinating drink creations and amazing a la carte fare served from rolling carts. Call early and get a reservation; you’ll need it. Its pricey but the experience is one you won’t ever forget.
  • Avec: Don’t miss out on this quaint place with small & large plates of creative food just down the street from The Aviary and Publican. Another great find.
We hope you have a great time in Chicago and if you want to learn more about what we’re up to here at CloudEngage don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll find a time to meet up for a demo.
See you in Chicago!