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Now your customers can see the right message,

in the right place, at the right time.

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Lift website conversion to 15% by localizing your national website with relevant recommendations and local offers.

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Grow web leads by 4x with localized Instant Savings Certificates, competitor conquesting, and subprime targeting.

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Add a new core competency and deploy multiple perfectly-targeted campaigns that make your clients stand out.

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The CloudEngage Platform

Every customer has a story. With CloudEngage, you can leverage geolocation, weather and language preference to power dynamic content swapping and irresistible calls-to-action on your website, relevant to each site visitor.

No one else can do this.

  • Beautiful modals with video, form and interactive options
  • Automated content swap for simple “set-and-forget” localized branding
  • Simple drag-n-drop interface for fast campaign creation
  • 100% optimized for web and mobile web
  • Works with any CMS and CRM, no coding required

“We have different messages for different regions, but with CloudEngage we’re always confident we’ll hit our market.”

Dennis Jensen, Director of Marketing & Advertising

Using the name of the local town will increase opt-in by 4x

Adding an ActionPop to your content is a simple yet powerful way to increase customer engagement. Because it requires interaction, customers engage with ActionPop content more than a normal promotion. Because they’ve worked for it, they naturally feel a greater ownership of offers.

What makes CloudEngage unique is the ability to deliver perfectly targeted offers underneath the action.

three-up Different market segments are motivated by different aspects of your brand. Some will be driven by price, others by service. Dynamic Content allows you to personalize your site so it’s always relevant. Common areas to add geo-responsive content include a home page slider or community investment sections.

What makes CloudEngage unique is ease-of-use. Just point and click to select the content you want to make dynamic, drag in the replacement content and set the conditions when you want it to swap. The swap happens in real-time, with no flicker or slowing of your site’s load time.

An Exit Intent modal prompts users with one final offer or message before they leave your site. Industry stats say that with the right exit intent offer, you will convert an additional 5% to 15% of your total website visitors.

What makes CloudEngage unique is your exit intent offer can be perfectly tailored to that person in that moment, giving you the best possible chance to win a conversion before they’re gone. You can even use an ActionPop to add some intrigue.

push-laptop-example Push from CloudEngage provides geo-targeted push notifications directly to your customers’ desktop or mobile lock screen, no app required. Now your entire web audience can opt-in, not just the tiny subset that uses your app.  You can also use CloudEngage to quickly create a custom landing page for push recipients only, saving time and making it easy to close the loop.

What makes CloudEngage unique is the ability to geo-target who gets each push, and the ability to add channels of content, which makes users more likely to opt-in. Web push is supported by Chrome and Safari browsers on desktop, and Chrome on Android.

ce-locator-map Make your store locator work hard for your brand. Each location has its own automatically-generated landing page with detail on departments, an image gallery, and coupons, as well as the standard hours, contact info and directions, all in one place.

What makes CloudEngage unique is the ability to deliver turn-by-turn voice directions without sending the person over to Google Maps. Gain instant local credibility with an embedded Facebook feed… while creating another touch point for customers to engage with you on social.


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With precise location data powering a personalized web & mobile experience, you’ll understand where your visitors are coming from, and who is converting best so you can boost the ROI of your entire lead gen strategy.



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