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Campaigns Powered By Intelligent Customer Segments

CloudEngage helps you give your customers the most personalized, relevant, and intuitive experience possible when they visit your website. We work seamlessly with any CMS or commerce system to make it incredibly easy to personalize your customer’s experience.


The needs of your customers shift with each visit to your website. With CloudEngage, your website intuitively shifts with them to meet those needs. You have an incredible collection of personalizations at your fingertips that are fast and easy to deploy.

Audience Segments

Predictive segments are the marketer's dream to be able to create audiences for personalized content. Weather, geo-targeting, and the entire suite of behavioral and contextual segmentation you will need to be successful are built right in.

Unleash Personalization

Across every channel with a single platform – Mobile, Web, Apps, Email, PWAs/Products, Search, Inbound from Social and Ads, People (Chat)

Behavioral Targeting

Actions speak loudly. Visitors to your site can now have an incredible customer experience based on their browsing behaviors.

They got to your digital experience from a native ad, CPC or content marketing, and now you can easily mirror the campaign and better convert them.

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Contextual Personalization

The needs of your site visitors shift, while your site keeps evolving with new content. Make context and richer meaning by connecting the dots with contextual personalization.

Based on the identity of the visitor, the personas can accomplish high-converting journeys through your site based on the contextual match between your content and their needs.

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Plain Simple

Our team put exhausting effort into making your time-to-personalization fast and easy 🙌🏻.  Your personalization programs will be agile and fun.

Personalization designed to be intuitive and straight-forward for you and your team. At a price point that makes your ROI an easy bar to clear.

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Personalization Types

Choose the perfect campaign type to display the most attention-grabbing offers to your visitors for maximum engagement.


Popups can be displayed to your entire audience, to personalized segments, all the way down to the individual. These are easy to make, they draw attention, and they land in the personalized inbox if a site visitor wants to recall them. These can pop based on exit intent if someone is clearly leaving your site to try to land the conversion, or an agent can push one to a visitor in a Chord conversation.


Alerts are stupid simple, and super useful for you to make an announcement, tell your audience about a change or a problem, or give them a limited time offer. With targeting, you can have different alerts hit different parts of your audience.

Dynamic Images

Dynamic images make it easy for you to use CloudEngage for all of your personalizations, including third party systems like email. Geography and weather will adapt the image based on the location and weather of the email opener.

Site Changes

No matter what your CMS or site technology, you directly edit text on your website, change a hero image, or add a welcome message that will just be viewable by the audience and settings you define.


Forms make it easy for you to collect data, and flexibly push them across your properties. Your Chord Agents can even inject them into a conversation or fire a popup with a survey or a request for a newsletter subscription. Forms are easily integrated with your email service provider and CRM.


Inlines make it easy for you to add a callout to a page, or create advanced layouts with conditional personalized content. These are personalized snippets that you can add directly into your site.

Dynamic Content Replacement

Tailor your content for every visitor

Change the images, messaging, copy, and content on any page on your website to create an impactful landing experience that shows your visitor what they want to see, when they want to see it. Implementing these changes has never been easier. Once you’ve added a few lines of code to your CMS, you can create and deploy personalized campaigns in minutes. Create infinite landing pages and custom experiences with our simple to use front-end editor. Combine dynamic content replacement with our other personalization triggers to create truly intuitive user experiences that will boost lead conversions and brand loyalty.

Browser & Mobile Push Notifications

Push notifications + the power of personalization

Web-based push notifications allow your customers to opt-in to content updates and alerts that are delivered in real time without the need to download an app. Mobile apps can be costly to build and challenging to get your customers to adopt. Push notifications can also be sent to users who have opted in on their mobile device as well, giving you real-time, personalized interaction without requiring a download. Personalizing your push notification strategy is vital. For example, if you send all of your push notifications out at once you could be delivering them to certain time zones at an inappropriate time of day. With CloudEngage you can segment your push notification strategy so it actually moves the needle and keeps your customers engaged.

Intelligent Analytics

We take the guesswork out of personalization.

Our dashboard will show you how well your campaigns and initiatives are performing so you can optimize them, pushing your conversions up a notch with every iteration. You’ll be able to see how your personalized pages are performing versus your default website pages and understand what your customers are responding to most. Our intelligent analytics are lightweight but powerful, giving you the information you need to find the most relevant insights. Understand at a glance how your targeted segments are behaving on your website and learn more about them with every visit.

Hyper Precise Geo-Fencing Technology

Gain valuable insights into who is visiting your site

In business, we are encouraged to think big. At CloudEngage we want you to also think precise. Hyper precise. You can use our geofencing technology to target entire regions or cities, but you can also trace out the perimeter of any venue, competitor, district or event and create a personalized experience delivered to those who come to your site from within those boundaries. Combine this targeting with our other personalization features and your customers will feel like you’re speaking to them instead of at them. Not only is this a useful tool for marketing, but when integrated with your sales strategy you will make a powerful, standout impression on any lead you’re nurturing.

Local Weather Technology

Gain valuable insights into who is visiting your site

CloudEngage weather enables you to add alerts, overlays, push notifications and other personalizations based on weather.  You can use our built-in weather updates to present special offers, warnings or store closing information.  These can be provided very specifically to only targeted visitors experiencing the weather, and you can setup multiple campaigns to best personalize for your audience.