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Deliver tailored, relevant content to your customers in real-time for a personalized user experience that is proven to increase conversions.

Personalization based on referral source.
Smart digital marketing strategies like email blasts, paid advertising, blog posts, and social media campaigns share the objective of driving people to your website, where they can convert to a sale. When you manage to get them there, keep them there with an experience that is tailored to the context of the referral source. CloudEngage enables you to make changes to your website that will give customers the most relevant experience on landing. Tailor your images and messaging, provide intentional product selection, initiate modals and overlays that offer incentives or signups… the campaign continues long after the clickthrough.
Exit intent triggers.
We make it super easy to create modals and overlays that can be triggered when a customer is about to exit your website or after a set amount of time spent on site. Exit intent triggers give you the opportunity to offer an incentive before they leave. Free shipping, a discount code, referral source promotions, campaign awareness, or an email signup form are just a few of the ways you can take advantage of that last few seconds to keep them engaged. Use these pop-ups for newsletter subscription prompts or tie them into social campaigns with our referral link feature. And of course, modals and overlays can include personalized content as well.
Real time engagement through push notifications.
Web-based push notifications allow your customers to opt-in to content updates and alerts that are delivered in real time without the need to download an app. Mobile apps can be costly to build and challenging to get your customers to adopt. Push notifications can also be sent to users who have opted in on their mobile device as well, giving you real-time, personalized interaction without requiring a download. Personalizing your push notification strategy is vital. For example, if you send all of your push notifications out at once you could be delivering them to certain time zones at an inappropriate time of day. With CloudEngage you can segment your push notification strategy so it actually moves the needle and keeps your customers engaged.
Contextualized content.
One size fits all websites are a thing of the past. If you have only a default website you are doing your business a disservice. Try as you might with segmentation, you can’t please all the people all the time. Or can you? You want to be saying the right thing to the right person – at the right time. If only your website was able to speak directly to the needs of each customer. Well, now it can. So in December, your customers in warm regions and your customers in cold regions will see the products, images, and messaging that are most likely to delight them… and convert them. Tailor your content based on weather, location, browsing history, a campaign from social, a paid ad, language… and this is only the beginning.
A/B & multivariate testing and intelligent analytics.
We take the guesswork out of personalization. Our dashboard will show you how well your campaigns and initiatives are performing so you can optimize them, pushing your conversions up a notch with every iteration. You’ll be able to see how your personalized pages are performing versus your default website pages and understand what your customers are responding to most. Our intelligent analytics are lightweight but powerful, giving you the information you need to find the most relevant insights. Understand at a glance how your targeted segments are behaving on your website and learn more about them with every visit.
Hyper precise geo-fencing technology.
In business, we are encouraged to think big. At CloudEngage we want you to also think precise. Hyper precise. You can use our geofencing technology to target entire regions or cities, but you can also trace out the perimeter of any venue, competitor, district or event and create a personalized experience delivered to those who come to your site from within those boundaries. Combine this targeting with our other personalization features and your customers will feel like you’re speaking to them instead of at them. Not only is this a useful tool for marketing, but when integrated with your sales strategy you will make a powerful, standout impression on any lead you’re nurturing.
Front-end dynamic editing suite.
Once you install just a few lines of code into the back end of your website, you’ll be able to make countless personalized experiences without having to take on any additional web design or development expenses. If you can click, highlight, type, and upload you can take your website from one dimensional to exponential in minutes. It’s really that simple. For a small business owner, this is a game changer. For enterprise business, your marketing team will have a lot of fun brainstorming ways to integrate our solutions into their strategies and can execute swiftly. CloudEngage is agile and scalable.

Find out why leading brands choose CloudEngage to be their omnichannel personalization partner.

Content Replacement & Injection

Different market segments are motivated by different aspects of your brand. Some will be driven by price, others by service. Dynamic Content allows you to personalize your site so it’s always relevant.

Interactive Modals

An Exit Intent modal prompts users with one final offer or message before they leave your site. Industry stats say that with the right exit intent offer, you will convert an additional 5% to 15% of your total website visitors.

Push Notifications

Push from CloudEngage provides geo-targeted push notifications directly to your customers’ desktop or mobile lock screen, no app required.You can easily link a custom landing page for push recipients only, saving time and making it easy to close the loop.

Store Locator

Make your store locator work hard for your brand. Each location has its own automatically-generated landing page with detail on departments, an image gallery, and coupons, as well as the standard hours, contact info and directions, all in one place.