Personalization, Meet Chat

Our clean sheet approach, combines personalization with agent-driven live chat. No other platform combines this level of simplicity and sophistication.

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An Industry First

Years of experience in personalization guided our product development with Chord. No other live chat product is built on a personalization core that applies conversational learnings to the overall web and mobile experience.

One-to-One Personalization Through Chat

As agents interact with visitors who are getting to know your brand, machine learning is working behind the scenes getting to know them too, increasing customer satisfaction and conversion.


Simplicity = Enhanced ROI

Other platforms have agents logging into admin screens.  Chord places your agents on the same web page as your visitors, making it easier to share product recs and guide visitors through your site.

You can also share images, videos, and PDFs. Social logins create automatic lead generation opportunities.   Connect with Context™️ and your agents and brand will make meaningful, lasting connections with your visitors.

  • Live chat
  • Smart profile cards
  • Machine-learning of interest categories
  • Instant responses

Chord Analytics

Your chat conversations create targetable data segments, to contribute to full spectrum personalization. As your digital experience adapts to the individual, your key conversion metrics start to steadily improve.

Easy Setup and Customization

Chord takes minutes to setup.   Our focus on usability means Chord can drive conversions with little effort.