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Smart marketers rely on the CloudEngage platform and now it has a shiny new look *emoji*. If that’s you, then you’re among the best and the brightest and we think you deserve to know what’s at your fingertips.
Chord Live Chat is a very unique chat system for agents and visitors. Record and save visitor details and interests, while chat history is automatically saved for the future visits. This ability in a chat system is a huge time saver *emoji*. We love saving you time, so we came up with another chord feature that you’re going to love.
This unique feature of Chord we’re calling Instant Responses is fresh out of the oven *emoji*. These are a collection of pre-baked communications to common requests that you get from your website visitors. You can create as many as necessary and start handing them out like candy *emoji*. With a little help, your chat agents can have an arsenal of one-click solutions for your customers. A tool like this will increase productivity and accuracy for your business.
The features wrapped around the updated Chord Live Chat don’t stop there. It is also possible to assign preferred agents to specific areas of you website with their hours of operation. When no one is available, send a message to ensure your visitors of your return.

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