CloudEngage Announces New Audience Segmentation Products For Next Generation One-to-one Personalization

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CloudEngage Announces New Audience Segmentation Products For Next Generation One-to-one Personalization Visitor profiles can now be segmented based on on-site interests as well as organic search terms that bring them to your website PORTLAND, Ore., April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CloudEngage, the most intuitive web personalization suite on the market, proudly introduces their new advanced audience segmentation engine. The platform now offers two innovative approaches to help marketers provide enhanced context and relevance to web visitors. The first approach offered by this new capability empowers marketers to manually create segments based on easily configurable weighted averages. For example, if a visitor on an e-commerce website regularly spends 15% of their time viewing women’s down jackets, this visitor’s unique user profile will be tagged by the system and added to that segment. If the behavior changes, the automatic segmentation engine adjusts accordingly, keeping your on-site content relevant. The next capability automatically generates audience segments based on search terms that brought visitors to a website. When visitors begin a product search through popular search engines and land on a retail website, the CloudEngage platform automatically tags that user profile with the search terms that got them there. This creates the opportunity to offer real-time, contextual incentives and precisely targeted campaigns that boost conversion rates with very little effort. Whether a segment is created manually or automatically, this data can be used to optimize web experiences, making a site more relevant to shoppers when combined with the other personalization capabilities in the CloudEngage ecosystem. “We’ve become unique in the space in that we’ve taken our prior targeting and content generation expertise and added an incredibly useful audience segmentation toolset,” said Paul Wagner, CEO of CloudEngage. “We also know that a marketer’s time is precious. There’s nothing out there right now that is this capable, yet simple to use. Our partners can quickly deploy highly relevant content tied to visitor interests, prior engagement, location, weather, and more leveraging our built-in campaign creation engine.” When combined with the rest of the innovations in the CloudEngage toolbox, the new segmentation engine ensures partners will never miss an opportunity to tailor better-converting web experiences.

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