Personalize Your Website for Anonymous Visitors w/ Geo

With a well placed cookie and a smart algorithm, you can take purchase history, page views and social graph data and serve up relevant content that improves conversion and makes happy customers.
But what can do you before you have that rich profile data?
With location, you can build a very credible proxy for a customer profile without much effort.

A strong call to action

CloudEngage makes it easy to add a modal (aka popup, overlay, lightbox, interstitial, etc) to your website. But without a strong call to action, your customers won’t know what to do, your conversion rates will suffer, and you will be leaving sales on the table.

Drive Customers to Your Store, Not Google Maps

The majority of retail websites use some type of store locator to direct prospects to local points of sale. At some point in the process, however, most mapping solutions redirect customers away from the website, requiring them to find their way to their local store on their own, with no control of the experience, or any power to bring them back to the store’s website later.

Nowhere else on a website would a digital marketer consciously end a web session with a visitor showing such strong buying signals, but most companies do exactly that when it comes to store location.

Web Push – What Every Marketer Needs to Know

Push was one of the few reasons that companies still supported a native app. This is very important as native apps are suffering from “download fatigue”: customers would much prefer to visit a website than be forced to download yet another an app, and website operators are looking forward to maintaining only one content base.

The Five Core Uses of Geo-Shifting Web Content

Geo-Shifted Content Swapping enables any website to automatically change page copy and multimedia based on the geographic location of each and every visitor. This is a powerful marketing capability that personalizes the website experience of potential customers, improving the ROI of existing marketing spends and boosting sales results.

Virtually any company that operates across multiple geographies can improve web marketing effectiveness with Geo-shifted Content Swapping, and the applications of this technology are endless. Nevertheless, most companies find that their greatest return on investment lies in using this type of dynamic web content management under one of the following five scenarios.

CloudEngage Named a 2015 Rising Star

Dealers have been told that geo-fencing technology will give their marketing strategies a boost, but few dealers have experienced the “promised land.” This year, a new company is offering a self-serve marketing tool that brings geo-fencing to the masses, and we are pleased to award them with a Rising Star Award.